Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper & Bronze Polishing, Restoration & Finishing in London

Our high quality mobile & workshop metal polishishing & finishing services have been available to commercial/industrial & domestic clients. It includes Stainless Steel, Brass Copper & Bronze Polishing Restoration & Finishing in & around London.

Domestic Metal Polishishing & Finishing Services

  • Household accessories - Brass Door Handles, Window Catches, Hinges, Hand Plates, Knockers etc.
  • Brass Saucepans & Heavily tarnished Copper, Trays, Plates, Ornaments, Lamps etc.
  • Tarnished or Rusty objects polished back to their origonal glory
  • Removal of sand casting & scratch marks from all metals, & preparation for chroming
  • All alloy motorcycle & car parts and accessories
  • Vintage & classic restorations
  • Any old and tarnished gadgets from boots-fairs etc. will be considered.

Metal Polishishing & Finishing Commercial Services for London

We are typically commissioned to remove/chase welds, remove scratch marks from various metals including aluminium, brass, bronze, copper & iron & stainless steel.

Catering equipment, doors, hand rails, metal banisters, & barge plates have all been polished & finished as part of the various projects we've have been involved..

We are experienced in operating in a wide range of settings including , banks, shopping precincts, swimming pools, luxury hotels & schools etc.


Some customer comments about Sinopol Polishing services are provided below.

  • Gordon, London Ltd - "Sinopol Polishing Company in my opinion is the best at what they do. I wanted to restore my antique furniture. What I called for them, a worker came to my house, watched everything carefully and claimed how he was seeing an eventual modifications of my antiques. I agreed with him and after a couple of days my furniture was perfectly polished and lacquered, glossing and glistening as new thing. And I was truly astonished about the low price for the service. All those pleasant surprises made me so pleased that I am assured everyone would feel the same after contacting with Sinopol Polishing. I recommend it to all!"
  • ITM Services Ltd. - "We want to genuinely recommend Sinopol Polishing Company to everyone wanting to restore their metal and non-metal devices. We had a great need of renew our radiators in the office. They were looking too old and this was truly damaging for our company’s image. And after calling for the Sinopol Polishing Company our problems disappeared at once.
    Professional representative of the Company came to us, gave a piece of good advice and after a few days we had our radiators polished, blasted and lacquered. They’re looking a new right now. It’s also important that the entire job was done by the Company with the highest carefulness and precisely according to our order. And the price was competitive too."
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